Dental Radiography


The course is structured in such a way as to provide a balanced training program in selected practical and theoretical skills relevant to the role of a Dental Radiographer. The overall subject has been developed into three modules of study. Each module is a discrete body of job specific skills and knowledge, which have been further broken down into a series of lectures and associated practical activities.

The course is competency based learning. The student will be provided with modules which include exercises and practical assessments that students will complete over 3 days.

There is a significant on-the-job component. This requires the student to carry out specific exercises in a clinical setting. Each student will be required to produce a portfolio of radiographs taken on patients under appropriate supervision. Worksheets are provided for activities that are checked or marked by the course facilitator.

The actual number of hours each student will take to complete the course will be dependent upon prior learning and experience, and each student’s ability to successfully achieve the competencies as identified in each module. Three support sessions of one on one- practical/theory tuition will be made available with a fully qualified lecturer to provide you with clear direction throughout the program, the course will also include support and assessment visits at your surgery.

The program can be also customized to specific individual needs when required


This course is recommended to existing Dental Assistants for the purpose of up-skilling in the following areas:

·  Expose intra-oral radiograph to a standard that ensures that optimum radiographic images are produced.

·  Process, mount and file intra-oral radiographs in order that their diagnostic yield is maximised.

·  Correctly identify technical faults and their likely causes

·  Demonstrate an understanding of the potential hazards of exposure to radiation and to practice a high standard of radiation hygiene.

·  Recognise and identify normal radiographic anatomy

·  Maintain infection control throughout all practical procedures

Course Units

The following three (3) units of competency are required for work in Dental Radiography:

  • HLTDA410D Apply the principles of radiation biology and protection in dental practice (Note pre-requisites: HLTIN301C, HLTIN302C, HLTWHS300A)
  • HLTDA411D Prepare to expose a prescribed dental radiographic image (Note pre-requisites:HLTIN301C, HLTIN302C, HLTWHS300A)
  • HLTDA412D Produce a dental radiographic image (Note pre-requisites: HLTIN301C, HLTIN302C, HLTWHS300A)

These are the National Registered units and require completion of pre-requisite units before students can participate. Students will receive “Statement of Attainment” for these units once achieved.

Entry Requirments

Evidence of competencey in the following units:

  • HLTIN301C Comply with infection control policies and procedures
  • HLTIN302C Process reusable instruments and equipment in health work
  • HLTWHS300A Contribute to WHS processes


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